Anonymous said: So there has been a director's cut of Stiles' scene circulating on Tumblr. If it is real, then in the director's cut Stiles basically confirms/comes to the realization for the first time that he also likes boys. Not sure why they decided to cut it. But now it does seem more and more likely that Dylan was probably told to NOT reveal the truth in that interview a couple of weeks ago. Ugh they have a group of trolling trolls who troll work for this show. lol







Seriously, they made a movie about them wrangling the people who work for teen wolf, it’s called Troll hunter.

The clip floating around didn’t even look much different from the original, he didn’t even nod when she asked, he just did the same old pause and stare. 


I have seen this directors cut and hell is it a confirmation!

So you can’t tell me he’s not bi and that scene meant nothing because oh did it mean something

the clip in question is fan-made, not a legitimate director’s cut

I thought everyone already knew this…

crying at the thought of sterek shippers believing some fan-made video is a legitimate “director’s cut” and thinking it’s confirmation that stiles is bi.

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knottingwolves replied to your post: How the Antis turned one of their own …

It’s not that you’re -ist for disliking/being critical of something in and of itself, it’s if you’re biased about it. If Red felt that way about ALL slash ships or condoned in het ships things she dislikes about Sterek, then you’d have a point.

I call a massive amount of bullshit on this. Because people have and are continuing to be called racist for the ‘crime’ of not liking Scott or Posey, despite liking other PoC actors. So why does your argument apply to your buddy Red wrt homophobia and liking other slash ships, but NOT APPLY to lightsiders or others who just happen to not like Scott/Posey but like other PoC actors? Which was the POINT of Andartha’s post. Which you conveniently did not address in your defense of your ally.  By the logic of your above statement, if I like one single PoC actor (i.e. not disliking “ALL” incidents of X), then I am not a racist for disliking Posey.

Good to know, since I’m not. Now why don’t you expend some of that energy you spent defending your friend’s dislike of Sterek to Andartha, defending me and my dislike of Posey to the rest of the TWFP/Anti crowd, hmmm?

"or condoned in het ships things she dislikes about Sterek"


"condoning in white characters things you dislike about Scott"

Well here’s one of the things I dislike about Scott that doesn’t apply to any of the other white (or PoC for that matter, Boyd was kinda cute and don’t get me started on the adorable hotness of Mr. Yakimura who I totally count in the hot dads club) characters: I think he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every damn branch on the way down. I literally hate seeing his face on my screen. Which in a show sold to me on the merits of its beefcake is a big deal.

I condone things in other characters (of whatever race) because their characters include other things I enjoy. I despise characters who like so many in this tag, think they’re morally superior because they get others to do their dirty work. I will always admire an outright villain like Peter over a milquetoast like Scott, even if they do the exact same things, because the REST of their character is not the same.

I forgive and condone in Derek many things I condemn Scott for because the REST of his character justifies and informs upon his actions. Scott’s does not. Scott wasn’t raised in werewolf society where the standards of physicality were different. Scott didn’t lose his entire family to a fire he feels guilty for. So many other aspects of Derek and Peter’s character explain their actions and DON’T for Scott. Nothing in Scott’s background justifies s2e12. Except he’s a moralist who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty so puts it off on abusing Derek and poisoning Gerard instead. Scott is the WORST kind of character to me because he can do no wrong and he’s doing it all ‘for your own good’ and everyone around him suffers and he comes out like his shit don’t stink.

I can sit here and cite dozens of reasons all day long that I don’t like Scott. And not a single one of them is even remotely influenced by his race. Not. One.

But none of that matters. Because the thing is, preferences don’t need to be justified or apologized for. I don’t like blandly moral characters whatever their race. And even IRL, I don’t like people who can’t see complexity and shades of grey in ethical arguments. 

Y’all just need to get over this idea that if you don’t like Scott you’re a racist. If you don’t like X female character you’re a sexist. If you don’t like Y queer character you’re a homophobe. Whatever. Not everything is part of your politically correct SJW crusade. Sometimes it’s as simple as not liking blonds or dark brown eyes because your first bf had blue eyes and dark hair. Nothing more nefarious. I hate ALL sitcoms, does that mean I hate Bill Cosby? Nah, it just means I hated his show and I hate Friends too, even hate Modern Family.

Sometimes a fucking cigar is just a fucking cigar, ffs.

lol scott doesn’t think he’s morally superior, though. like, his entire schtick is about everyone working together because he values everyone equally, even those he doesn’t care for. and when it comes to dirty work, scott does his own. don’t forget one of the many reasons you dislike scott is because he forced derek to bite Gerard. that sounds an awful lot like doing your own dirty work, as opposed to what derek did when he tried to form an army made of teenagers so he could become more powerful.

your “main reason” for disliking scott has now been invalidated, so what other reason could there be for you to give white characters a pass while giving a poc character shit? basically, all you did here was try to justify your racism, lmao. next time, when you want to try to not sound racist, don’t pull up token poc characters that you “like” for no reason other than for sexual objectification while giving detailed explanations for the white characters you like.

to sum it up, you only like poc characters you can sexually objectify. a white man’s suffering is enough for you to condone his actions, but a poc’s suffering, like being raised by a single mother, not having a father, and being bitten and turn against his will, is not enough to condone his actions since he’s ugly.

try again.

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teenwolftoday-deactivated201405 said: Saddened to hear that you won't watch season 4. Your choice, but it won't be the same without your theories and metas.


I will watch season 4 maybe if people here on tumblr tell me that the eps are watchable after they air. I don’t feel like dealing with gross pairings though.

"I don’t feel like dealing with gross pairings."

You ship a child with an abusive adult.

Kettle, meet pot.

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Not liking something is fine…..being intolerant though? Not so much.



I do this to myself every time: I get sick on teen wolf and its fandom, rage quit, then after cooling down for a while I start watching it again in my own little bubble, start falling in love with it again, slowly venture back into fandom and then boom fandom reminds me why I hate them so. Literally I only went back in today and I’m already hate that side of the fandom. Less than 24hrs that’s gotta be a record. UGH its those couple of BNF blogs that are run by idiots with their ridiculous meta’s and reaching. I just can’t even with these couple of people you are literally the worse, log off your computers and think about your life choices. Literally everything they contribute to this fandom i just:


ur horrible get yourself and your terrible grosssss meta’s outta my face 

You know what is really gross?


Disagree all you like.

Write comments and posts where you state that you feel that a specific meta is dead wrong and completely of the mark and explain why.

All fine.

But telling people they are the worst, horrible and gross, because they wrote something YOU, personally don’t agree with?

Geez, who do you think you are?

The navel of the universe?

The sole and ultimate judge and jury about what is right and what is wrong?

Sorry, but all you are being in this post is petty, rude and intolerant.


DLDR or write your own, better meta.

But mud-slinging like a five year old throwing a temper-tantrum?

Not exactly a credit to your character.

Maybe, the next time you rage quit fandom, it would be better for everybody involved if you stayed away.

Fandom probably would do better with less toxic people like you around.

(Alternately: Try to find a way to express your frustration and disagreeing without resorting to insults and trash talking other people.)

Intolerance is very gross, which is why you, a known racist, should not be talking about it.

Tolerance doesn’t mean tolerant of intolerance.

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Anonymous said: Why do you hate Scott so much? Why are you even watching the show?!? Youre a sterek shipper sterek is never gonna be canon get used to it. It's abusive and unhealthy.








Oh, anon. I don’t hate Scott, I just don’t care about him (though I actively dislike some of his fans). And truth be told, I found him immensely annoying in season one and two, and I really hated his arc in season 3a.

See, I started watching the show for Sterek. And that gave me a different pespective on things. The casual viewer, the person who starts watching with episode one, will be inclined to trust the narrative bias and see things from Scott’s perspective, or Stiles’, who is firmly on Scott’s side. From Scott’s perspective, Derek is a bad guy - or at least someone untrustworthy. But if you look at the naked facts, then it becomes obvious really fast that Derek, like Scott, is someone wronged, and is a victim of the terrible events Kate (and Peter) instigated.

Being a Sterek shipper also made me look at Scott’s actions more critically. You know, I didn’t watch the show for him. His character never became compelling or interesting enough for me to change that. The whole time, it was about putting up with Scott rather than enjoying his parts.

I’m in my thirties. Scott’s struggles seemed a bit boring, if not marginal to me. His reluctance to take responsibilty - his mindless devotion to Allison - his teenage self-centeredness - all of that really started to grate on my nerves. If it hadn’t been for Sterek, the unexpected delight that was Dylan O’Brien as Stiles and the fact that I could watch the first and second season in one go, I would have quit.

When Teen Wolf started airing in Germany, my husband and I watched the first two episodes together. I turned it off during episode two because I had forgotten how whiny and entitled Scott behaves for large parts of season one. On top of that, while Allison/Scott was a cute pairing, I’m not really interested in cute, I’m a lot more interested in interesting when it comes to my pairings, het or slah (hence Sterek). And just FYI, my husband had left after the first episode, really not remotely interested in a show about Scott McCall (and he’s not a slasher, so I couldn’t keep him on board with the beauty that is Sterek).

Season two was a bit better, until the writers pulled the plot twist with the mountain ash out of their asses. That part really made me shake my head, because they had messed up: the plot twist was meant to look like something positive, an acchievement on Scott’s side - but it came out of nowhere and I really wasn’t able to look past the fact that he had had time to plan the whole thing - plan for the case that it would come to Gerard getting a hold of Derek and force him to bite him. That plan involved the use of Derek’s body, and Scott didn’t tell Derek. That was Scott’s choice. And while the whole thing was a clusterfuck of tell, not show anyway, this is something that really bugs me. As well as Scott keeping from Allison that her mother had tried to kill him. I know that if I were in Allison’s place, I would not have been able to forgive him for that.

(But that’s just my personal opinion. I just hate being left in the dark myself, and to me, it would be a sign that my partner does not respect me enough. He clearly thinks that it is his place to decide for me which information I should be given - that’s something that a parent may do, or a man who ultimately thinks that protecting a woman is more important than treating her as an equal. This is actually a big issue for me, not least because Allison falsely believing that Derek had bitten her mother for shit and giggles led to her declaring war on his pack. I always wondered what Allison thought the moment she saw Erica’s body in the vault - did she recall the last time she had seen Erica, when she had almost killed her, and her grandfather tortured her in the Argents’ basement? In Allison’s place, I wouldn’t have been able to forgive Scott for not telling me.)

Then season 3a came along, and the clusterfuck that was the true alpha plot. I’ve written meta about that before. And it’s not fair to blame Scott as a character when it’s clearly the writers’ fault, but the fact remains that Scott is given undeserved credit and peope turn to him for unknown reasons. 

In fact, Teen Wolf employs a kind of “begging the question” logic when it comes to Scott.

Because Scott is awesome, he’s going to become a true alpha.

He’s going to become a true alpha, that means he must be awesome.

But we never actually see him being awesome. We see him try, and the fact that he doesn’t fail is due to sheer luck and the people around him getting shit done. And yet everyone within the show - even people who have no reason to, like Allison, who he lied to, or Lydia, or Derek, who he betrayed various times - look at him as a leader.

Scott is an awesome leader, so we turn to him with our information, and give him credit for our actions.

People turn to him with their information and get shit done for him, that’s proof that he is an awesome leader.

On top of that, the narrative spares him the kind of suffering that you expect from a true hero. He may be the focus character, but the things he does, the decisions he makes, the trauma he suffers - it’s really not enough to justify the time the show spends on him. So you see, anon, I am one of the people who really doesn’t buy that kind of propaganda. That doesn’t mean I hate Scott, it just means I have no reason to think of him as awesomeness personified, as many of his fans do.

As for Sterek: What people like you seem to be unaware of, anon, is that your opinion about Sterek is utterly irrelevant to me and most other shippers. I get that the popularity of Sterek is annoying to you; that does not change the fact that many Sterek shippers do and will unrepentantly love the ship because of its “problematic” aspects. The age gap, the difference in personality, the power imbalance, the “OMG you’re so annoying” - “you’re such a dick” - all of that are vastly popular tropes in romances, and so much more interesting than “high school boy meets high school girl, they fall in love, they date, they wait an appropriate time before they actually have sex, they’re always nice to each other”.

Sterek is powerful. Sterek is something that draws people in. Sterek is a reason for people like me to start watching the show. Sterek has  22k of fics listed on AO3.You don’t have to like it, but you should better get used to the idea that Sterek is a lot more than just an aspect of Teen Wolf, and it really does not depend on your or anyone else’s approval.

scott can’t be a hero bc he hasn’t suffered enough for you???

why do you want to watch children suffer so much

so, has stiles suffered enough???? is that why you like him????

you are fucking twisted i stg

No, really? Again? Little girl, go home and play with dolls. You really shouldn’t be on the internet all by yourself.

don’t infantilize me 

i brought up a point from your fucking essay

how much suffering is enough suffering for you????

does his parents need to die?

does he need to lose a limb?

does he have to be run out of town?

how much suffering do you require?

The last time we interacted, you told me that you tend not to read my posts. You also repeatedly refused to answer my questions, and when i insisted, resorted to posting song lyrics instead.

So I think I’m treating you the way you deserve to be treated - as the immature person you have proven to be.

And before I answer your question, I think you should answer this one:

How would you feel, Tori, if someone told you to kill yourself for something you are not responsible for, such as you gender, your color of skin, or your sexual oriantation?

you’re asking that as if that hasn’t happened already? as if i don’t have to sit w/ my homophobic relatives and listen to them tell me that people like me shouldn’t exist and should be all murdered. you act as if the country i live in doesn’t continually remind me that my life is worth nothing because i happen to be the descendant of slaves. you act like women aren’t threatened everyday by existing in the same w/ men. 

however those experiences are not, and will never be comparable to me telling pedophiles to fuck off and die. do not act like it is because it is not. they might be sick or whatever but their condition is not comparable to me being black or queer or a woman you are dead wrong to even think that.

frankly it’d be triggering as hell,as i’m currently struggling w/ suicidal thoughts. (there’s no point hiding this from you bc i know andartha isn’t above scouring my blog for personal info and god knows you too a peas in a pod) however that might stop me from telling them to kill themselves, as it has become triggering for me

but i will never, in my life, feel any sympathy for them when someone does. never expect me too because there are too many children being hurt for me to ever, ever do so

are you fucking happy now

Baby steps.

When you say that a pedophile’s condition is not comparable to you being a queer black woman - what exactly do you mean?

Where is the difference? It shouldn’t be hard for you to answer this question, seeing as you are so sure that I am “dead wrong”.

Please keep in mind that pedophilia is used to refer to the psychosexual disorder resp. a sexual orientation - it is something different entirely than child molestation.

So where is the difference between someone being pedophile and you being queer, when both isn’t something you actively choose to be? Or if you want to think of pedophilia as a psychiatric disorder, then where is the difference between someone being schizophrenic and someone being pedophilic?

Where is the difference that justifies you telling someone to kill themselves?

So I think it’s safe to assume that you’re a pedophile. I mean, why else would someone go to the ends of the Earth to defend pedophilia? You must be a pedophile. God, that explains so much. Get help.

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So this is something we really really need to talk about because there are certain people who are being extremely triggering to survivors of sexual abuse.

And it involves sterek and the use of pedophilia under the cut.

Read More

Derek being attracted to Stiles does not make him a pedophile, but it is something to be concerned about. Stiles is 16. He is a minor, bother legally and biologically.

The term “pedophile” and the descriptor “pedophilic” are both broad terms that describe any illegal relationship between an adult and a minor. Those terms are used because “ephebophile” and “ephebophilic” are not as popular or as well known. I think this is how people use those terms as opposed to Derek being an actual pedophile.

you’re equating an age difference relationship with a sexually abusive and non-consensual one.

If you’re under age, then the relationship is sexually abusive and non-consensual, no matter how you, the minor, feel about it. The adult knows that you’re underage (depending on where you live) and is still engaging in sexual activity with you, meaning they know they’re wrong but they’re doing it anyways. It’s not the same as pedophilia, no, but it’s just as illegal and, some might argue, morally wrong. Most people who bring up this issue aren’t blaming Stiles or the minors, they’re blaming the adults in the relationships. The adults who should know not to engage sexually with someone under the legal age. And really, who’s to say the adults dating 16 year olds have no problem going any lower? 15 isn’t far from 16. 14 isn’t far from 15. It opens a can of worms, so to speak.

And again, it doesn’t matter which states or countries Stiles would be of age of consent because he doesn’t live in those states or countries. He lives in the state of California, which dictates that he must be 18 in order to consent.

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are people really equating it to pedophilia? because that’s super gross and completely off base i don’t understand??? fandom needs to stop taking things and making them the most extreme & gross version of what it’s intended to be.

they are and its really gross

and the thing is that even though stiles is under the age of consent in Cali, he’s OVER age of consent in 30+ other states.

If the only thing holding your moral and ethical boundaries together is someone using the word “California” over “Pennsylvania” then you need a reality check.

It has more to do with how much older Derek is than it does Stiles’ age. Most people can agree that Stiles is “mature” enough to make his own decisions when it comes to sex, but the age difference is just too large to ignore. This seems to be something people like to gloss over simply because we don’t know Derek’s age for sure. In addition, I think a lot of people look at it from Derek’s perspective. Stiles being attracted to someone older is normal. It’s what teens do. But Derek being attracted to someone 16 years of age IS a problem and it is something that shouldn’t be glamorized.

Also, the logic behind the “age of consent in other states is 16” argument doesn’t connect with me. There are countries where the age of consent is 13. Should we be okay with that? It’s just a few years different from 16. Age of consent laws are normally dictated by a state or country’s local morality and culture, so each place is different.

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Like he took the bomb for Chris?

He loves Chris.

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